Tel: 506-2222-1722
Toll free from Canada & USA: 1-877-822-4768
Fax: 506-2233-1152

Casa Canada Profile



Casa Canada Group was founded in 1992 as a single source where business people, investors and new residents could come for advice and services they could trust. The concept expanded to 46 offices in the Casa Canada Administration Building.

During this period the Casa Canada Group of companies expanded from office rentals and a travel agency to offer residency services, accounting & tax services, tax planning & filing,legal assistance, business centre services, credit reports, property title searches, company formation & administration (including nominee companies for ownership privacy), residential & commercial real estate sales and rentals, property management and development, mortgage loans & administration of client owned mortgages, establishing and administration of bank accounts, relocation services to Costa Rica and so on.

Casa Canada Group owns many major properties throughout Costa Rica, including condominium developments, a hotel, office buildings, potential development property and sub-divisions. Casa Canada will participate with joint venture partners in the development of these properties. The company is debt free.

The company is located in the Casa Canada Administration Building, Avenida 2 between Calles 38 & 40 – phone (506) 2222-1722, fax (506) 2233-1152 or toll free from Canada & the US 1-877-822-4768. The taxi address is 150 meters east of Soda Tapia.

The General Manager is Monika Trejos, and the Mortgage and Property Manager is Jose Pablo Carter. The email address of Casa Canada Group is This web site has a wealth of regularly updated information on Costa Rican rules and regulations.

If you need services in Costa Rica for real estate, or professional services Casa Canada can help with a list of recommended people you can trust.


Costa Rica was chosen due to its many investment opportunities, an expanding economy, a pro-business government and sustained growth. There is well established banking, accounting and legal infrastructure.

EXCHANGE CONTROLThere are no exchange controls in Costa Rica
LAWSBased on Spanish Civil Law
TAXESThere are no income taxes on income earned outside of Costa Rica.

There are no capital gains taxes.

There are no inheritance taxes

There is no tax on interest income from Costa Rican banks or government bonds.

There are corporate income taxes on a sliding scale from 10% to 30%.

There is a 13% sales tax.

TAX TREATYThere is an exchange of information treaty with the USA.

There is no tax treaty with Canada.

DEMOCRATICIndependent since 182

Current constitution was passed in 1948

Republican form of government, with a President

No military

Elections are for a 4-year term.

Constitutional court can overrule legislation that contravenes the constitution.

Rights of property ownership are in the constitution

Non-residents can have companies, own land, and operate businesses in Costa Rica.

Non-residents are protected by the constitution

REGISTRYLand and company registries are similar to those found in North America, and are

computerized. Casa Canada has direct computer access to the Central Registry for

on-line property, vehicle and company searches.

COMMUNICATIONSReliable international direct dial telephone and fax

Cellular telephone service from various companies.

Internet services, including high speed Internet

Most major courier services are available

Banks transfer funds in and out by wire without restriction.

Frequent direct airline connections to North America, South America and Europe.

BANKINGFour state owned banks in which the government guarantees deposits without limit

any private banks including major international banks.

Banks and the stock market are supervised by the Central Bank of Costa Rica through regulatory agencies.