Casa Canada

is your source of information about Costa Rica and a full service company that provides administration, residency and general information on Costa Rica. Casa Canada provides free consultation on many facets of life and business in Costa Rica.

Some of our services include

Accounting Services

Complete computerized accounting services including general ledger, payroll, accounts payable, taxes

Labour Law

Employee benefits, minimum wages, separation pay calculations and general information.

Apostille Services

Costa Rica’s only full service Apostille and international document certification service

Legal and Government System

Costa Rican law is based on the French Civil Code, not the English legal system.


We offer services to secure and to administer bank accounts on behalf of clients.

Mortgage Administration

Grupo Casa Canáda has been a major arranger of mortgages and trust loans secured by real estate in Costa Rica for over 24 years, syndicating mortgages with client’s and its own funds.


Company formation, nominee shareholders and directors, company administration and filing government reports.

Other Taxes

Casa Canada provides services for the calculation and payment of all types of taxes in Costa Rica

Costa Rica General Information

Variety of useful General information about Costa Rica.

Property Information and Services

Complete property management, weekly registry checks for fraud, and title searches.

Driving In Costa Rica

Traffic laws, road sign translator, and general information.

Real Estate in Costa Rica

Casa Canada can recommend trustworthy realtors and lawyers, do due diligence on a property to purchase, search titles and provide information on real estate laws.

Income Tax

Includes tables on tax calculation and general information on income tax in Costa Rica. Casa Canada can assist with advice and all tax filing requirements.

Sales Tax

Information on sales tax, and restaurant tax and charges.


Information on insurance providers and types of insurance. Consultation on insurance needs is available from Casa Canada at no charge.

Residency In Costa Rica

Information on residency types, documents required and apostille. Casa Canada provides full residency and relocation services, work permits, driver’s license and immigration servcies.

Investments Available in Costa Rica

Information and advice on various investments available.


Importation of vehicles, licensing, marchamo disputes, vehicle inspections. Casa Canada can assist in all these areas.

Office Space Rental

Our offices have a privileged location, which will benefit you when establishing your business in a central location and easy access.

Virtual Offices

The virtual office service is cancelled monthly, in dollars in advance in the first seven days of each month.

Citizenship for Costa Rican Residents over 65 Years Old

This is called a naturalization process.

Valuation Services

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We Are Here To Help!

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

  • Accounting Services
  • Labour Law
  • Apostille Services
  • Legal and Government System
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