Office Space Rental

Some of our services include

Office Space Rental

Our offices have a privileged location, which will benefit you when establishing your business in a central location and easy access.

The amount of the rent is monthly, in dollars and is canceled in advance in the first seven days of each month.


The services that are included with the rent of the offices are:

  • Bilingual Reception Service: This service is offered Monday through Friday, from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm, continuous day. It consists of answering incoming calls in a personalized manner as they are answered with the name of your company, taking messages from them in case they are not in the office or are not available at the time. Also, apply for the delivery of documents and receipt of documents for you.
  • Electricity and water.
  • Meeting Room: This space is for 12 people and is for common use. For use of the meeting room, you must book at the reception in advance.
  • Air Conditioning: Each office has its own air conditioning unit, for which they are given a control.
  • Night surveillance: The surveillance time is 6:00 p.m. At 6:00 a.m. Weekends and holidays are 24 hours.


The services offered at the cost of the tenant are:

  • Telephone line: The company offers telephone lines in case you require for office use. Each tenant is responsible for the timely payment of his telephone consumption which is paid monthly in addition to the rental of the office. This service is optional since the customer can bring his own line.
  • Copies and fax: Each tenant has a code with which the photocopier can be used. The amount of copies is canceled at the same time as the rental of the office.
  • Internet: The company offers internet service for a monthly fee of $ 25.00, which is paid in advance and is in addition to the rent of the office.
  • Sale of office supplies.
  • Courier service.


For the use and contract of the office, it is REQUESTED to pay a month of deposit, the month in advance, the payment of the internet service if they require it. If a telephone line service is required, a deposit is requested.